It is a constant challenge for artists who are involved in painting and sculpting. But for Suhaidi Razi, it is a joy because he showcases his techniques so well if one looks at his sculptures. In fact, as the Angler Fish sculpture above observes, it has a lot of realism in it. The interesting element about this piece is that Suhaid has managed to inject life into the object using material which is difficult to mould. In fact, with metal and steel as the material, the fish looks as if it is alive but it is also interesting because fishes are known to be mechanical in movement.

A move away from his sculpture works, Suhaidi’s hand in painting is also exemplary and unique. In ‘Out in the Garden’, he provides the viewer with a spot image of how the garden looks like the way he expresses it. In fact, this painting is rich in content where despite the gloomy setup and the strong, dark green character, it has other flowers which gives it a contrast as well as a more unique projection. It is the message of the element that stands out in the crowd which is strong here. In fact, it gives one the feeling of a minority, which is beautiful in the majority, which is common.
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